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Our dedicated team comprises of competent people with extensive knowledge and experience. Our professionalism and expertise helps us to service our clients to their satisfaction. Some of the key members of our firm are: Avinash Bhore

He is a practicing Tax Consultant having an overall experience of 07 years.

He is expertised in Legal Compliance, Regulatory Approvals and Licenses, Compliance Audit and Compliance Management System, Legal & Secretarial Due Diligence and Compliances, Drafting and Vetting of various Legal documents, appearing before Statutory Authorities & Tribunals, etc.,

He has very strong educational background with good business acumen and good experience in Statutory & Regulatory Compliance and Taxation & Strategic planning. He specializes in the following areas:

  1. 1. Direct Taxes
  2. 2. Indirect Taxes
  3. 3. Internal Audits
  4. 4. Management Audits
  5. 5. Company Audits and Statutory Audits of various business sectors like Manufacturing, Hospitality, NBFCs, Trading Concerns, Co-operative Housing Societies, etc;